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Bob Greene, Oprahs Fitness Trainer
Along with  getting enough exercise, making your own meals from healthy ingredients is one of the most important things you can do to stay fit and healthy. And sharing those meals at sit-down family dinners models this healthy behavior to your children. They'll carry that valuable nutrition lesson with them for life.

Ericka Lassiter, President, Off the Field NFL Players' Wives Association
This delightful book is filled to the brim with tried and true methods for creating meaningful moments and tasty meals in busy households.  No matter the age or stage of the kids, the principles and practices this book offers are sure to make a positive difference in your life and theirs.  

Sarah Jackson, Everett Herald, Snohomish Mom's Book Shows How to Keep the Family Around the Dinner Table
In "The Hour That Matters Most," Allen, Kuna and the Parrotts address how to overcome what they call the time-starved working mom dilemma, ways to engage in meaningful mealtime conversation, and tricks for curbing conflicts at the table and beyond. Read full article

Lynn Garrett, Publishers Weekly, Short Takes
Tyndale House’s The Hour That Matters Most by Les and Leslie Parrott, with Dream Dinners founders Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna, debuted at #1 on The New York Times Advice, How-to and Miscellaneous paperback list... Read entire announcement

Julianee Smith,, Booksmack Newsletter, Review
... Covering everything from up-to-date statistics to instilling manners to cultivating values, they do an excellent job of providing realistic opportunities and generating a contagious enthusiasm... Read entire article



Blogger Reviews

Moms in need of mercy
… Beyond patching up the rough spots in my relationship with my son, the book also gave me some great ideas to make meal-time more enjoyable. A chapter called "Enjoying More Laughter" suggests ways to get everyone smiling, which makes dinner more fun, and thus, more anticipated as the hour that matters most each day. Read full article

Picking up the Pennies
… There is lots of food for thought in this book and you will enjoy all the discussion questions and ideas to implement with your own family! I know I have. Read full article

Wholesome Mommy
… includes chapters on having good conversations at the table, how to REALLY listen and understand your children (especially helpful if you have older children/teens), and how to curb conflict at the table. Read entire article

Around My Family Table - from my kitchen to yours
This book is perfect for everyone with kids! Even if you already have family suppers, I bet there is still something in here for you. We have supper together most nights, but I found so many useful tips to help our time together be more meaningful and enjoyable. If you are struggling to get your family together for supper, then this book is a must! Read full article

Tiny Blessings
… a realistic book about family meals and how to make the family dinner hour a priority in your home.  I was excited to read this book, because with our crazy schedules, we rarely sit down all at once to eat as a family, even though I do cook most nights. Read full article

Frugal Homemaking
… I found good, sound advice for reaching my girls' hearts and developing and keeping trust with them. The tidbits of wisdom generously sprinkled throughout the book gave me many "A-ha!" moments. Read full article

… I've already discovered some things I want to try with my own daughter and I’ve been inspired to start weaning my family off the wolfing-something-down-in-front-of-the-TV program and ramping up a sitting-at-the-table-discussing-our-day-and enjoying-each-others'-company plan. Read full article

A Little Bit of All of It
… One of the things I appreciated most about the book was the focus on truly communicating with your family in a real and meaningful way. It is so easy to go through the motions of our day-to-day life and not even really hear what those most important to us are saying and feeling. This book really teaches the reader how to go deeper to know your family inside out and to truly hear them. Read article 

frugal & FOCUSED
… I have already incorporated some of the suggestions into our family meal time, including keeping a family gratitude journal. After we ask the blessing, we go around the table sharing something we are grateful for that day and then record it in the family gratitude journal. It helps us to focus on what we have instead of what we don't have and will also be a lovely way to record our family life through the years. Read article

 Cooking up a family
… This book really was something that fit well with me, I love to make dinner very important in our house and as someone studying to be a therapist, the psychological perspective got to me. This book is about getting the family back to the kitchen for meals and how that can help family dynamic the rest of the week. It is an extremely easy read and well worth it. Read article

Food & Whine
… It's just about doing the best you can with what time and energy you have. As long as you're doing what you can to bring your family together at least one meal a day, you'll make a difference in your children's lives in the longrun. The book has some good advice on how to accomplish this goal on a busy schedule. Read article

eat at HOME
… In the book, you’ll find characteristics of strong families and how to use the family dinner hour to build those qualities in your family.  The authors stress that the goal isn’t a perfect dinner.  The goal is to create a safe place, a dependable routine, where our relationships can flourish. Read article

Loving my domestic life
… Often times, a family meal is an afterthought, something that is squeezed in if and when it works.  But rather a family meal needs to be a top priority. If it is a permanent fixture in your family’s schedule, then everything else should fall into place around that. Read article
… There the importance of family togetherness at meals was brought to the forefront, and it also helped me to understand that even though I work and my family is always coming and going, I can still be strategic and creative in planning ahead so that we can enjoy meals together. Read article

"Cents"able Momma
… I love how this book shows you how to be intentional with the time that you have.  Not only does it make a case for the Family Dinner, but it also gives excellent tips for encouraging your time together to build relationships as well as tips on the logistics of managing a family meal. Read full article
… just because we all sit at a table together doesn't mean my job is done. It doesn't mean we're having meaningful conversations and creating the kind of warm, inviting family atmosphere that I envision for us. We all have more to learn as parents, always. And this book taught me a few lessons worth sharing. Read full article

A Better Bag of Groceries
All these tips are so timely for our family right now.  I need something beyond, "What's the best thing that happened at school today?" (my typical dinnertime icebreaker)!  And we are just really starting to get into the nitty-gritty of table manners. Read full article

Bookviews by Alan Caruba
… in my family, the evening dinner always began at 5 PM and, since my Mother was a teacher of gourmet cooking, it was always a special treat… It created a strong bond, built on good food, camaraderie, and love. If dinner hour at your home is a scattershot affair, you need to read this book and benefit from it. Read full article

Anita's Thoughts on the pages In Between
… This book as opened my eyes as to why we need to make sure we are eating together as a family as often as possible…  I am looking forward to the conversations we are going to have, as the girls get older. Read full article

Blogging for Books My Book Reviews
… This book is one that could be applied to family relationships, even outside of the "dinner hour", and I would recommend it to any parent wanting to cultivate a stronger bond with their children. It's a quick, enjoyable read that leaves the reader with so much to consider, so much to put into practice. Read full article

Thoughts from a princess
… Do you need a little assistance and new ideas for family meal time? This book is for you. If you already have regular family meals, or need a jump-start,  read this book to bring inspiration to your most important hour of the day. Your family will thank you! Read full article

Moms Frugal
… Our world is so busy today and if we can all be home together, we often can't leave technology alone long enough to be with each other. The ladies in this book share encouraging words to help you set guidelines for that special time around the dinner table. Read full article

Pary Moppins
… If you are teetering on the edge of feeling like you want to make the commitment to having regular family meal times, please read The Hour That Matters Most.  The authors are not on a high horse or unrealistic about modern families and the time constraints that they face.  They do however, give you reasons to consider prioritizing a family meal - a big reason being an investment in your family. Read full article

Seaside Simplicity
… This is a book for everyone with children no matter what age. It has tons of great ideas for those with younger children, but even if you have teens it can be extremely helpful. The earlier we start the easier it will be, but even if your children are already in their teens it's not too late. Read article

Faithful Finances
… At the end of each chapter is a recipe card. I really appreciated the "table talk" ideas. So often we can get quiet if we don't know what else to talk about, and these will come in handy. Especially as the boys grow and get more involved in things. Read article

… I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a way to engage your children, interested in having more meals together, or if you just want some helpful reminders on how to be a good listener. Read article

A Spicy Boy, A Cat, & My Fat Ass
… In addition to presenting dozens of practical tips to assist listening and communication skills, the Parrotts offer plenty of ideas for having fun with one another, while preparing and sharing a meal, the point of which is to create lasting memories round the table. Read full article

Our Home School Reviews
...I think most families would say that they are lucky if all members of their family eat in the same room, let alone at the same time.  And if they are together, there are usually distractions, namely the TV, or some other type of electronic device, like the cell phone or iPod... That is why I was interested in a new book called The Hour that Matter Most.
Read entire article